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Frequently Asked Questions

What insurances do you accept?

We accept major insurance that covers acupuncture or holistic treatments.Please contact us for further information.

How is Perfect Point Acupuncture different from other clinics?

We provide a comfortable, safe, and secure environment that provides a sense of calm and peace.

Who can benefit from your treatments?

Anyone can benefit from any of our treatments.

Do I need to believe in acupuncture therapy for it to work?

Acupuncture works whether you believe in it or not. In fact, acupuncture has been used to treat cats, dogs, and horses, as well as people from many diverse backgrounds and beliefs with equal efficacy.

Do I have to choose between acupuncture and other forms of health care?

No. Acupuncture is often the perfect complement to conventional medicine and medical therapies. Many people seek acupuncture and herbal treatment during the course of other medical interventions.
Acupuncture treatment can also assist with before surgery or post-surgery recovery, or post chemotherapy, or other medical treatments or medication.
We work closely with patients and their other health care providers to ensure that they receive the best care from all possible sources.

What should I expect at my first treatment?

We will need to ask our patience questions about their medical health history, including past illnesses, surgeries, medications and life stressors that may have shaped your current health picture.
We also check your pulse and look at your tongue, as pulse and tongue diagnosis provides information about your internal physiology. Next, you will receive the acupuncture treatment which may also include other modalities added:

  •    Tuina (Chinese medical massage)

  •    Cupping

  •    Gua Sha

  •    Moxibustion

  •    Trigger Point Stimulation

  •    Electro acupuncture therapy

  •    Chinese herbal formula and/or dietary suggestions to support the focus of treatment

Note, your first visit will take an hour and 15 minutes, so please consider the extended time before booking your treatment. The acupuncture needles are retained in your body for at least 20 min.

How should I prepare for treatment?

It is important to prepare prior to treatment session. Proper nutrition and hydration is highly recommended.
Any alcohol consumption or drug use is highly discouraged prior to treatment. Treatment may be rejected by the practitioner if alcohol or drugs have been consumed by the patient.
Post-treatment, it is recommended to allow some down time after treatment, allowing your body an opportunity to assimilate the deep benefits of balance and relaxation.

How many treatments are needed?

Each individual patient is different. The number of treatments necessary to clear any condition depends on the severity of the illness and the patient’s overall health. In general, acute conditions may require just a few treatments, while chronic health problems can take longer to treat.
Many people in my practice continue occasional "tune-ups" after their initial pain or illness is gone. These tune-up treatments keep the body functioning at its optimum level and help to avoid common illnesses. This is close in some ways to the ancient Chinese philosophy.
In China, for few hundred years, patients traditionally paid their doctor only when well - not when they were sick.
For me, acupuncture is truly preventative medicine!

How soon should I expect to notice an improvement post-treatment?

Some patients notice partial or even complete relief as soon as the needle is inserted but this is rare.
Most find that improvement takes longer to appear – sometimes later the same day, or perhaps up to three days following the treatment.
Even if you are experiencing immediate relief, as a result of the very first injury treatment, you still will need to follow-through with the treatment plan, in order to ensure permanent or long-lasting results.

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