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Healing Your Entire Body

Service Description

Acupuncture is an ancient art of therapy, the one of five extensions, that originated in China nearly 5000 years ago, and is presently the primary form of medicine for over 40% of the world’s population. Acupuncture recognizes and works with neural pathways called "meridians" that allow the movement of energy through the body in much the same way that an electrical system allows electrical current to flow through a house. In fact, acupuncture points carry a low-level electrical charge which can be measured in the body. Although we cannot see electrical current, we can feel it, and the same is true for the energy current - called “Qi” - that flows through the body’s meridians. Specific points along acupuncture meridians provide specific connections to our internal organs, muscles, and regulate virtually all of the physiological functions of the body. We can think of these meridians as key points of an electrical system that supplies energy, light and warmth to our body. If the pathways due to stress or illness become blocked, then certain key parts of our body's "operating system" do not receive the needed energy current, or Qi, required for proper functioning. Imbalance and illness follow. Furthermore, if the energy current moving through these pathways decreases due to illness or stress, acupuncture points can be used to open the flow and boost the “Qi” in the system, revitalizing overall health and vitality.

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