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Tui Na Therapy

The ancient healing art of fingers and strength

Service Description

Tui Na "tuina", is a 5,000-year-old therapeutic form of Chinese Medical Massage. Defined as “the ancient healing art of fingers and strength,” tui na (pronounced “twee nah”), has been gaining international adherents as an effective way to treat individuals ranging in age from infants to the elderly. By applying pressure to meridians, acupoints, and groups of muscles and nerves, in a specific technique, tui na removes blockages and works deeply with the positive energy of the body. The ultimate aim is to remove blockages and keep the energy moving through both the meridians and the muscles. Tui Na sessions are beneficial in reducing the pain of the neck, shoulder, hip, back, arm, thigh, leg and ankle disorders. Moreover, patients achieve the overall balance between physical and mental health, while avoiding the side effects more commonly associated with drug or chemical-based treatments.

  • Madison Avenue

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