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Improving health
through healing hands

Relief of pain to rejuvenate the mind and the body

Our mission at Perfect Point Acupuncture is to provide our patients with an integrated and holistic approach to healing. We enrich our patients’ lives by teaching them how to self-heal and by helping them unlock their healing potential.

Tatiana Poddoubnaia, L. Ac founded Perfect Point Acupuncture in 2006 in order to fill a gap in the world of modern medicine practices. Our staff at Perfect Point Acupuncture considers each patient individually in order to determine a series of treatments that will encourage each individual body to heal itself. Book your appointment today or feel free to give us a call to learn more.
"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu 


About Us

A native of Ukraine, and hailing from a family of doctors, Dr. Poddoubnaia has spent many years in apprenticeship, private tutoring, and constant study to master the highly complex art and science of Oriental Medicine.
   She has over 16 years of practice, with the strong impact of her father, an M.D., a Neurologist, who has had successfully integrated Chinese Medicine into his 45 years of Medical practice, and Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, a lineage and 88th generation Taoist Priest, an internationally recognized scholar, teacher and author in Oriental Medicine, History and Philosophy, and specialist in Classical Chinese Medicine. Dr. Yuen's novel approach uses 72 channels, as opposed to the 14 channels employed by the majority of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncturists.
 Oriental Medicine is a journey, lasting a lifetime. Essential Oils, Chinese Herbs, Facial Rejuvenation, all 5 Extensions of Oriental Medicine, different Schools of Acupuncture, just to mention a few post-graduation studies and certifications are among her achievements.
   She has also completed a rigorous work/study program in Beijing, China (2012), and was invited to be an honored guest/speaker at the 13th International Medical Conference on Manipulative Medicine and Traditional Therapy in Chongquin, China (2015).
  Her practice has evolved around pain and stress management, acute and chronic injury relief, female health, neurological and cardiovascular ailments.

Tatiana Poddoubnaia, L. Ac

Licensed Acupuncturist (L. Ac.)
Oriental Medical Doctor (O.M.D.)
Certified Herbal Specialist

Our Treatments

  • Healing Your Entire Body

  • Sports injuries therapy

  • Heat Lamp Therapy

  • Heat Therapy

  • Detoxification and Healing

  • Scraping for healing

  • The ancient healing art of fingers and strength

  • Soothing and healing herbal medicine to treat symptoms



"I had broken my back while serving in the military and was in constant pain for nearly fourteen years.  A friend had recommended acupuncture.  I was very doubtful that it would do anything to alleviate the pain.  I found Tatiana on a web search through my insurance company and made an appointment.  Tatiana was very informative of the procedures and I felt at ease with her.  We began my treatment and within three weeks my back pain had ceased.  I was able to start exercising again.

Truly fantastic results!  Thanks to Tatiana I feel like I have my life back."

Greg, New York

"I had been bothered by a bad  case of acute tennis elbow, and it was making my life a misery. After  trying everything from ice to Advil, all to no avail, a work colleague suggested I see Dr. Poddoubnaia for an acupuncture  consultation. She was a miracle worker!

Dr. Poddoubnaia's treatments  successfully cured my pain, and I can't recommend her highly enough."

Justin, New York

"Tatiana told me that the residual swelling of an ankle I sprained long before meeting her would take a while to go away.  Months after the injury the swelling had not gone down and it was impossible to get into most of my shoes.  As Tatiana worked on the swelling, it diminished bit by bit.

Now it’s been gone for a few weeks.  I’m so relieved and pleased."

Constance, New York

"Tatiana is a very talented acupuncturist.  I have known her and seen her professionally for over 10 years.  She fixes everything that ails me, from sports injuries from workouts to beautification to neck pain from stress.  Tatiana can take care of it all!"

Fawn, New York

"I've been seeing Tatiana for about 3 or 4 years now and have always been pleased with the results.  My first complaint was of lower back pain, which she completely alleviated after three sessions.  I've also been treated for stress-related neck and head pain and menstrual irregularities.  She is extremely knowledgeable, has a tremendous desire to bring relief to her patients, and also has a wonderfully warm way about her.  I tried treatments with other acupuncturists when my job took me to a location that made seeing Tatiana difficult, but the results were nowhere near the same.  Her treatments are spot on, getting to the root of the issue and providing real, lasting improvement.  I am so grateful to her for all she's done for me and would recommend her without reservation."

Susan, New York

"I remember the first time I tried acupuncture.  I was reluctant to say the least of bunch of needles inserted into my body were going to make a difference with the levels of stress I was experiencing.  I had trouble sleeping well and felt restless most of the time.  I eventually gave in and was introduced to Ms. Tatiana Poddoubnaia, she's very knowledgeable and I was able to immediately benefit from her treatment. 

Now, every single time I leave my acupuncture session I feel re-energized and stress free. 

I highly recommend it for anyone looking for an alternative option to stress treatment."